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What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a business that anyone can do if you have the dedication and a couple of hours to spend. Amazon stores, picks, packs, ships, and delivers the products to customers. This model of business allows us to sell items without actually holding any inventory since Amazon will be handling the heavy lifting for you. With this business model, you save money on not having to run ads, create websites, or use oversea suppliers. This means you can open up your own Amazon store, and sell well-known everyday items to buyers all around the world!

Why Does Amazon FBA actually Work?

People go straight to Amazon when they are ready to buy something. Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. 

People are just to busy or just don't know how to shop around online to find the best prices. So what do they do like everyone else? Go to Amazon!

Sell Anywhere Around The World!

Since your "storefront" is on the computer you can sell from anywhere around the world. You do not need to handle inventory or get inventory from suppliers. You can do your business anywhere! That is the luxury of this business, you are your own boss!

Some Of Our Amazing Student Results

This could be you! All of these people have invested into Steady Ecom's program, and have seen amazing results.

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Hey, I'm Anthony Del Rio, I've helped over 3,000+ students create their own Amazon stores by teaching them my exact bullet-proof strategies and systems of how to sell products on Amazon that they never see, touch, ship, or even package themselves!

Honestly, there is nothing more that I love than helping people take  control of their own life, in order to create the life that they deserve.


I look forward to seeing you inside Steady Ecom and getting to know you and help you achieve all your dreams and goals.

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Meet The Team

Joshua Contreras

I was born in Orange County and spent most of my life in Los Angeles County. I am Anthony Del Rio’s Head Coach and I help the students in SteadyEcom have a better grasp and understanding of the business. More importantly, help every student achieve their financial goals. Anthony and Me had met in Silverado Continuation High School. I started my own Amazon Business while I was homeless and sleeping in my 2017 Kia Optima through Anthony’s teaching in SteadyEcom. I have never looked back since entering and have learned so much during my time here. More importantly, I have learned how to make money from home by harnessing the power of the internet and amazon!

Ford Thiel

My name is Ford Thiel, I do a lot for Anthony, but as for this paragraph, we can just label me as Anthony’s executive assistant. I’m from Orange County California. Anthony & I have been good friends for a few years prior to him becoming my mentor/boss & has taught me things that school failed to teach all of us. Not only did I see Anthony drop out of high school, but I also witnessed him make his first million dollars less than 2 years after doing so. As Anthony says, formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. Becoming a part of Steady Ecom has not only improved my financial situation yet so many other different aspects of life. Super grateful for the mindset shift I have had since being a part of this awesome community Steady Ecom provides to our coaches & admins, but most importantly our clients! Excited for what the future holds and look forward to helping take over the Amazon space!


Hey! My name is Sydney, I’m from Orange County, California, and I’ve been working with Anthony for a year now! I started out as one of his students and was very successful within my first few months. So successful, actually, that I decided to take the leap and quit my 9-5 working at an elementary school in Special Education. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job. But I realized that I had to let go of the things that weren’t benefiting me, no matter how much I loved them. And it was the best decision I ever made. Now I have learned to love what I do so that one day I can do all the things I love. Anthony taught me that and so much more. I loved his vision, his work ethic, and his care for the people that needed help, just like me. So I made the decision to join his team and help people the same way that he helped me. He changed my life and now we change thousands of lives together. And yes, I love it.


Hi, I’m Treize!  I was born in Stockton California where there are no hopes or dreams of becoming successful. But luckily I moved to Orange County when I was 13, where I had first met Anthony in middle school. We never were best friends or really “kicked it”, but we knew each other. I worked at Zumiez senior year and out of high school until I found out that Anthony was teaching people how to sell on Amazon! So I took that risk and started my own Amazon business. Once I started seeing that Amazon can really pay you like a real business after 2 months of doing it I quit working at Zumiez. Anthony helped me achieve goals that I had not even set for myself yet! So I asked him if there was any way I can help him as he did for me. And that’s when I became one of Anthonys head coaches! Who now helps people get the proper knowledge and tools before starting their Amazon journey! I love working with Anthony as a person because he is so Understanding, generous, knowledgeable, and just a good human being. Out of everything I have learned from him the one that stuck with me the most is “you can’t choose your family but you can always choose the people you want to be around”. This sticks with me the most because I didn’t grow up with the best family but I know for damn sure that I picked the right FRIEND!

Caden Fenn

My name is Caden Fenn.  I am from Orange County, and met Anthony through coming upon his Instagram.  He quickly helped me start my Amazon business and I started a 1 on 1 mentorship. While succeeding with my amazon store I was hired on as a coach to help the students.  I eventually started mentoring as well.  Learning from Anthony has taught me great stress and time management skills that have transferred to every aspect of my life.

Rajveer Dubey

I am from Jammu & Kashmir, India. Ever since the beginning I always wanted to get started in the business but being from a ‘Not so developed country’ has its own demerits for starting something up on your own at a young age. That’s exactly when Anthony came in the picture, he took me under his wing and I started working for him full time as Company’s editor/Graphic designer. It’s been a year since I started working for him and this was by far the best year in terms of my overall growth in all aspects of life. I’m beyond grateful to Anthony for everything he did for me and helped me grow in life. This is just the beginning for each and every one of us team members and everyone in Steadyecom ecosystem. We’re coming to take over the world!